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We're builders. Whether your business needs a web presence, data pipeline or advanced analytics or artificial intelligence, AiQ has you covered.

We'll work with you to develop the right solution for your needs by providing strategy, architecture, and cost recommendations. Once we have a plan finalized, we'll handle the implementation and deployment.

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Design Meets Delivery.

Design is found in every aspect of a project. From backend architectures to user experiences, AiQ puts in the time and effort necessary to deliver an elegant, powerful solution that your users will love. For us, design is the product.

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Our Services

We have a highly experienced and diverse team, making us one of the most flexible software engineering firms in the market.

Strategy Consulting

We’ll advise, in detail, on how to complete your next technology initiative.

Software Engineering

Our staff will design and implement your web and mobile applications.

Machine Learning

We provide direction, modeling, and production strategies to make your data work for you.


We provide organizational audits that are designed to detect and develop solutions for opportunities for cost optimization in your business.

Cloud Computing

Our AWS certified staff can develop and implement a strategy to migrate your business to the cloud.

Big Data Pipelining

We analyze and aggregate massive quantities of data allowing you to gain insights from every dataset in your organization.

Working With AiQ

We are tireless in our attention to detail and customer service. Each of our contracts follows a standard procedure. Simply bring your requirements, we'll handle the rest.

Planning and Architecture

We'll work with you to determine technical requirements, optimizing cost and performance while meeting your business goals.


We'll staff and implement your project, providing milestone updates along the way. This provides our clients with maximum visibility and ownership of their projects.


We provide extensive documentation and literature for each deliverable, so your team is able to utilize and maintain our products as easily as possible.

Meet Our Leaders

Our leadership team has a diverse background in technology, machine learning, and cloud computing. We've worked in startups, academia, and Fortune 500 companies, and we're ready to help your business.


Whether you want to focus more on how we can help your business, or you want to learn the ins and outs of cutting edge technology, we have content for everyone.

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